Who we are

Who we are is passionate on helping your company get the results you deserve. We have been established on the Island since 2007, we are Jersey’s leading offshore marketing agency.

Our all-inclusive service offers the media buyer skills needed and the targeted eye catching graphics, all in order to meet your marketing criteria. Island Solutions may be a small family business but we certainly pack the right punch!

We are an offshore independent company working with some of the UK’s best specialists in digital marketing, working across websites, mobile apps and connected campaigns allowing us to collect the best personalised qualified leads with a difference, just for you. That’s who we are!

For more than 50 years the principles of our team have been honesty, teamwork, market knowledge and exceptional client service. Helping you stay one step ahead of the competition!

Offering invaluable experience and a working knowledge of countless forms of media including Google AdWords, PPC and SEO online campaign work. We work with clients from the smallest to the largest, and we are always looking for the next challenge, our next experience, and our next opportunity to make a positive change.


Hire our marketing agency to build a marketing plan for you based on your goals, budget and target audience. We will offer comprehensive as well as specialised marketing solutions and we set the plan of action to achieve the marketing objectives for you. We will assist your business in the planning, execution, and evaluation of marketing strategies.

We understand your demands and then provide a tailored solution resulting in increased value and ROI on the marketing campaigns. We will conduct market research, identify the opportunities, plan the activities, execute the plan, and evaluate the performance. From leading the marketing activities to selecting the suitable marketing communications strategy, as an offshore marketing agency we can do it all!