Cost effective marketing

Cost effective marketing may be via a combination of email, social media, search, and direct marketing channels but we will get an understanding of your requirements.

Be it Customer Acquisition, Lead Qualification, B2B Lead Generation, Data Profiling or Event Marketing, you’ll reach, or you could very well exceed those target sales numbers – and you’ll do it efficiently and consistently.

We offer IT support for set up and ongoing service. Being based in Jersey we can work alongside your existing suppliers to maximise results. Providing cost effective direct response marketing. The response and data is sent securely and directly in real time. Our main aim is to provide a service that will improve your ROI.

Being based offshore, Island Solutions can and will happily work alongside your existing suppliers to boost your results and all data gathered is sent securely and directly to you the client in real time based on your criteria. And we offer simplified admin and invoicing.

Whilst our offshore model has been developed over a number of years it is flexible enough to accommodate most requirements. We believe in a personal service and so to that end would always suggest a detailed briefing before making any recommendations. One size does not fit all. We are aware of this and whilst the principles of our service remain constant their application is tailored to suit your requirements.

With many years’ experience in marketing we understand the need for clear thinking and straight talking.

Ultimately we are rewarded by our success in improving our clients’ ROI. It is not a maybe, perhaps or have patience approach to results. Correctly set up and managed your business with Island Solutions will show increased, cost effective returns.

Take a look at the short presentation above and to find out more.