Television Advertising.

Television advertising is still the most effective way of getting your message across with a huge base of potential customers. And these days it is even quicker to spread the message across multiple devices. With that sort of gauge and presentation TV has proven to be a very effective marketing and advertising platform. Not only does TV entertain, but informs, guides and generates debate.

The scale of TV is more visible than it ever has been as almost every UK household is equipped. And with the various platforms or devices available the impact of the right message has never been more important!

Here at Island Solutions we believe that the UK TV market offers the chance to target the specific audience. Commercial TV (all stations excluding the BBC’s) reaches a staggering 71.4% of the UK population on any given day. That number rises to 98.2% over a calendar month.

Using all the variables available such as programme, day of the week, daypart, station, platform and region, it is possible to zero in on the potential customers that are going to be interested in your message and the likeliest to respond.

The ability to change behaviour in the moment will create immediate engagement with what your offering. So you can start small so you can see the impact and following results, and mitigate risk. The scale can be realised quickly and easily!

The opportunity in TV advertising is exciting, and can also be daunting to first time advertisers. But with the right approach, you can realise the reward whilst mitigating much of the risk to your business.

Island Solutions outsources to a specialised team of over 20 qualified data and analytics experts who specialise in both macro and micro level econometrics. However, campaign analysis is driven by the team that plan and buy your campaigns. Each buyer has a deep understanding of their client’s business and the bespoke KPIs that TV is targeted to deliver, from immediate response to long-term brand building.