Devil is in the detail

Money saving business based in Jersey acting as an offshore intermediary we are outside the scope of VAT and not charged that 20% on our spend for you.

So you basically get what you pay for at cost, without the added cost. Let us run the marketing and advertising campaigns on your behalf to achieve a real ROI for your company and giving you cost effective peace of mind!

The opportunity for Island Solutions to implement a money saving business model for you has never before been so efficient. Competition is fierce and marketing expensive but Island Solutions can add value to your business.

The business model we will provide for you may require IT support for setup and ongoing service which we obviously organise. We take data protection very seriously so we have developed a very secure email system that screens and archives all applications. All hosting requirements would be signed by Island Solutions.

How Genaleads is qualifying these new business leads brings real value to the marketing we run on your behalf.


There is an old saying, “When we’re looking for something fresh, creative and brand new, you’ll probably get the same old thing in a brand new package.” How true. It might be easier to approve marketing plans that simply promote a service or idea we are already comfortable providing to customers. Easier, but not necessarily more effective. Island Solutions offer marketing ideas that will save you money or help produce results that make you money.

Martin Baird, author of Guaranteed Results once said, “Most people receive 4,000 messages per day, so a lot of creative thinking is needed if you’re going to get noticed. I think most marketing efforts aren’t nearly innovative enough.” We all know, that providing direction for your efforts will always improve effectiveness. Let us offer some creative thinking that will build the right strategy to save you money!