Radio is for driving

Radio advertising has always been a very affecting medium that sits at the heart of everyday life! From breakfast time to all that driving or throughout the working day and into the evening.

With an outstanding reach, radio connects with all ages and demographics, with the average listener tuning into 21.5 hours of radio per week! Almost 6 out of 10 adults listening digitally so the prospects for the marketing campaign beyond voice-only have certainly increased.

Radio can be a very real way of getting the right message over to that potential customer. And with the right marketing strategy, radio advertising is a good support to the other media channels. Let Island Solutions look at whether radio adverts should be part of your media mix.

Important planning components include assessing or reviewing the target audience, station, production costs, regions, dayparts, reach and frequency. The final result is a media plan that is not only designed to drive the most efficient response but maximising your budget!

Commercials for any stations come in several forms. Given our teams review of your target audience and production costs will obviously depend on the format of your commercial and which station to use. Have a little look below to see if you have a preference and we will look into it for you:

radio advertising

Live Reads

Most commonly you will probably find live reads on popular podcasts, where the host/personality reads out your ad. The obvious advantage is your target audience will already be familiar with their host’s voice.


These short ads for sponsorships may involve sponsoring a traffic or weather segment. You could also sponsor competitions or sports results.


Jingles are highly memorable because they stick in the memory. The connection between memory and music has been studied countless times. Create your own memorable jingle and make it sing on the radio!

Straight Read

This ad focuses on the unique selling points of your brand and how to get in touch with you. If you cannot afford to leave any room for confusion or misunderstanding, the straight read could be the best advertisement on the radio.

Personified Radio Ad

Get the minds of your audience really churning. Adding characters with distinct voices to tell your brand’s story is an easy way to engage your audience. After all, personality sells.


Testimonial radio ads use a real person to run through their experience with your business’s offering. Using testimonials enhances your brand’s credibility and improves the chances of people trusting your brand.