Graphic design with eye catching visuals.


Graphic design is in our blood and here at Island Solutions we know the importance of the right typography, photography and illustration. These elements are an integral part of any marketing campaign. We have been adapting our use of graphics over the years to  boost the online content needed to generate leads for you.

Our services @ First Solutions include:

  • Corporate design (logos and branding)
  • Editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books)
  • Environmental design
  • Advertising
  • Web design
  • Product packaging and signage.

Human beings are visual creatures, this is simply a fact of nature. When we see images, our brains store the details in two ways (one verbal, one visual), increasing our chances of remembering the information. With this in mind.

Ever watched a cooking show and noticed how much effort chefs put into presentation once the dish is ready?

Targeting the right audience in a cost effective way is vital but presentation is equally important. Whilst traditional marketing such as press, TV etc will always have its place in most marketing plans digital skills are paramount.  Here at Island Solutions we recognise that you need to have web skills in this day and age as companies increasingly need online presence. So being able to produce meaningful design for the web helps us to broaden the scope for creative marketing.

First Solutions  can offer a stand alone  graphic design service for marketers, small businesses, and agencies at a great rate.We are conscious that a design which works well on one platform may very well not work on another.It might look good on your website, but  maybe  not so much on social media or in  print.

With a basic understanding of HTML and CSS it gives us an advantage in understanding how our designs will work on actual websites and apps. We spend a lot of time working with Photoshop, Illustrator etc including online packages such as WordPress.