Room for improvement.

Design and development focuses on aesthetic factors like layout, user interface, and other visual elements, Island Solutions will get your website or app to stand above the crowd.

A well-structured and clear website not only increases traffic but also helps visitors to understand the business, product, service by combining text, images, and sometimes animations. As a result, a better user experience helps the business to reach more clients.

We know the importance in design and development that the right typography, photography and illustration, these elements are an integral part of any marketing campaign. We have been adapting our use of graphics over the years to boost the online content needed to help you generate the right leads. With a basic understanding of HTML and CSS it gives us an advantage in understanding how our designs will work on actual websites and apps. We spend a lot of time working with Photoshop, Illustrator etc including online packages such as WordPress.

Human beings are visual creatures, this is simply a fact of nature. When we see images, our brains store the details in two ways (one verbal, one visual), increasing our chances of remembering the information!


Design and development at Island Solutions is not just about the user; it also brings huge value to the business providing the product or service. Experience strategy is all about devising a holistic business strategy, incorporating both the customer’s needs and those of the company.

We will focus on your potential clients experience, working closely with the design team. Research is a crucial component of the design and development process. We will make sure qualitative and quantitative research is gathering the right insights into the target users.

Basically, when using a device, such as a computer mouse, one can control some aspects of the product that influence whether the user enjoys looking at, feeling and holding it. Se we might ask ourselves, is it snug? Is it too big and cumbersome? Does it affect their ability to move it as they wish? And so on..

Similarly, when designing a website, a few aspects that we can influence include: How intuitively they can navigate through the system. The cues that help guide them to their goal or the visibility of the essential aspects of a task at the appropriate time.