Digital media for your business, E-Marketing made simple!

Here at Island Solutions we keep it simple, we think e-marketing should just be the process of planning and executing your marketing campaigns on your behalf. We’ve explained that we offer all marketing services from supply, advertising, and importantly getting the best rate on all media avenues but in a hi-tech and connected location, Jersey has a pioneering full fibre network. Island Solutions deals with a number of specialist digital agencies and can provide a wide range of research and data tools to ensure all campaigns communicate with the target market in the most effective manner. This allows us to boost the results world wide for effective lead generation.

The digital scene offers exceptional prospects and while social makes all the noise it is a well designed email getting all the attention. Emails are more likely to be seen than a Facebook post, and even more likely to be clicked on than a Tweet?

Island Solutions can access the various avenues of social media on your behalf but email is a must have tool for your business. Email conversion rates can be a lot higher than social media. And across all these channels, we provide a service to help you reach out to your prospective customers.

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